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ClosureFast (endovenous radiofrequency ablation of saphenous vein) and Venaseal (endovenous adhesive closure) Pre-Op Instructions:

• Make sure all the prescriptions you were given for the procedure are filled (e.g. compression stockings, Valium(diazepam), and EMLA cream, and bring them to the office with you.

• Bring your compression stockings, you will need them after the procedure.

• If you are taking Valium (diazepam) prior to the procedure, do not drink alcohol the night before, and make sure you have arranged for a ride home.  Do not take your Valium (diazepam) at home.

• Bring the pills to the office.Take all your regularly scheduled medications as directed. You do not need to stop blood thinners.  On the morning of your procedure, please shower with an anti-bacterial soap.

• You may eat a light breakfast or lunch prior to your procedure, but please do not drink coffee or other stimulants.  Wear loose comfortable clothing you put on easily over support stockings.

• You may wear your contact lenses during your procedure.

•You may bring a smart phone, iPod, or other digital listening device if you want to listen to your own music during the procedure.

• If you develop an illness or injury that might affect your ability to walk after the procedure, please notify us. We may need to change the date of your procedure.

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