Arpod Julius Artwohl



ARPOD “ART” JULIUS ARTWOHL began his military career as an Army reservist and then flew for the Army Air Forces in the Pacific Theater of Operations during World War II.  After the war, he stayed on to become a career Air Force Officer and served for 29 years.

In the war, he flew 167 air combat missions and was shot down three times. On one of those ordeals, he was MIA, surviving on a raft at sea in the middle of the enemy fleet for three days before being rescued.

He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and eight Air Medals. 

His post-war overseas assignments included Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Madrid, Spain. 

Col. Artwohl was a born and raised in Allentown, Pa. He was the son of German and Hungarian immigrant parents and did not learn to speak English until he started grade school.  He was a graduate of the University of Virginia, where he received a master’s degree in foreign affairs. He also was a graduate of the Air University.

He retired from the office of the secretary of defense, where he worked on international security affairs relating to South America.

He passed away in 1996 and is interred at Arlington National Cemetary.