Why Choose the Alaska Vein Clinic?

If you have spider veins, varicose veins, leg swelling, heaviness and tiredness of the legs, itching, burning, pigmentation and skin ulcers caused by venous insufficiency, you can trust the Alaska Vein Clinic to properly diagnose and treat your problems.

We have safely and successfully performed over 5000 non-surgical minimally invasive outpatient office-based procedures that leave patients with minimal discomfort and no downtime.

Every patient is personally evaluated by Dr. Artwohl.

All procedures are performed by Dr. Artwohl, a board certified surgeon with over 20 years of vascular surgery experience and over 10 years of performing minimally invasive venous techniques.

All venous ultrasound studies are performed by Juli Gwin-Stewart or Devon Berthiaume, sonographers that are certified Registered Vascular Technologists. They have worked with Dr. Artwohl for 6 -10 years and have had extensive experience in performing venous duplex ultrasound studies.

We are in-network and preferred providers for Aetna (including all Aetna administered plans), all Blue Cross and Blue Shield programs, GEHA, United Health Care, EBMS, Cigna, and many others.

We accept Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, and have proudly worked with Veterans referred from the VA for many years. If you have no insurance, we can work out easy payment plans.

Robert R Artwohl, M.D.

Founder, Alaska Vein Clinic

Devon Berthiaume, BS, RDMS, RVT

Juli A Gwin-Stewart, BSDU, RDMS, RVT