The FULL CONSULT is for those patients who have significant vein symptoms and feel they need definitive treatment and would like a complete workup at their first visit. The full consult starts with comprehensive venous duplex ultrasound evaluation. This takes about 30 to 45 minutes.  Following the venous duplex ultrasound you will meet with Dr. Artwohl, where he will examine your vein problems, review the result of the ultrasound study and then outline a treatment plan.  He will spend at least 30 minutes with you.  After this consult, you will have a thorough understand of your vein issues.  Here are a few guidelines regarding the full consult.

  • Patients referred by their health care providers should have a Complete Evaluation.
  • Patients with leg swelling, large ropey veins, leg discomfort, and skin discoloration are welcome to come in for a free consult, but almost invariably a subsequent full consult will be required.
  • This evaluation is covered by private insurance plans, Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare. We have many Veterans from the VA Clinic referred for this evaluation, as well.
  • We will be happy to work out a payment plan for those patents with limited funds and/or no insurance.


The FREE SCREENING CONSULT is a 15 to twenty minute meeting with Dr. Artwohl, either in person at the clinic or over the telephone. No ultrasound is performed. During this meeting the patient express concerns about his or her vein problem. Dr. Artwohl will review the patient’s complaints and visually inspect the patient’s areas of concern, either by direct examination of by photographs submitted by the patient. Often, but not always, Dr. Artwohl will determine that a FULL CONSULT needs to be done and will recommend that the patient schedule one.

Free Vein Consult is ideal for those patients who: 

  • are not sure their symptoms are venous related.
  • want more information about how their veins problems might be definitively diagnosed and treated.
  • have minor spider veins that cause no pain or discomfort..
  • just want to check out Dr. Artwohl and the Alaska Vein Center before committing to a full consult.
  • Note: patients with leg swelling, large ropey veins, leg discomfort, and skin discoloration are welcome to come in for a free consult, but almost invariably a subsequent full consult will be required.

Free Consults are not provided for those patients who:

  • are referred by a physician.  The referring physician will need a complete report.
  • are being evaluated for a deep vein thrombosis, since to properly evaluate a DVT, an ultrasound is required.
  • want a second opinion about vein treatment that has been recommended or previously provided (since we will need to do our own ultrasound to provide you with an independent opinion).
The AVC Online Consult Request

If you do not want to go through the online method, just give us a call at 907-222-6240 or toll free in Alaska at 1-800-VEIN-DOC and we’ll take your request over the phone.

We Try to Make It Easy

At the Alaska Vein Clinic, if you have insurance, we do not ask for any payment up front.   We will bill the insurance and then bill you the balance.  If you have no insurance and are self-pay, Cheryl Artwohl, our office manager, will work out a payment plan, if one is needed.  We do not like the idea of people suffering from venous disease just because they feel they cannot afford to be treated.  We have a strong commitment to treating all Alaskan’s regardless of their financial situation, and we will do our best to make things easy for you.

What About "Free" Ultrasounds at Vein Screening Events? -- The Straight Dope.

Many varicose vein treatment centers offer a free ultrasound during a screening event.  The ultrasound study performed during a free screening event is almost always a quick cursory survey.  While it might be interesting to see venous reflux on the ultrasound, patients should know that based on symptoms, the vein specialist can almost always predict the results of a free screening ultrasound before the patient has one.

When the patient at a free screening event has a “positive” ultrasound, the patient will invariably be told a “complete ultrasound” will be needed at their regular appointment.  This complete ultrasound will be billed.  And what about the patients who have symptoms that suggest venous insufficiency symptoms but have a “negative” ultrasound at a screening event?  Almost 100% of the time, the patient will be told a “screening ultrasound” is not 100% reliable and they should come in for a regular appointment where a “complete” ultrasound will be performed.

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