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Duplex Ultrasound at the Alaska Vein Clinic

Ultrasound has revolutionized the work-up and treatment of venous insufficiency.  With a single painless study, we are able to diagnose your venous problem and outline a detailed treatment plan.

And many of our treatments, like ClosureFast and sclerotherapy of perforator veins are done with ultrasound guidance.

Ultrasounds at the Alaska Vein Clinic are performed by DEVON BERTHIUAME, BA, RDMS, RVT.   He has over 20 years of vascular ultrasound experience and over 10 years of venous ultrasound at the Alaska Vein Clinic.

We perform a complete diagnostic venous reflux ultrasound and vein mapping.  We evaluate for reflux problems in the superficial venous system, deep venous system, and in the incompetent perforator venous system.  We also evaluate for the presence of blood clots or signs of previous blood clots.

But we don’t stop with the veins.  We also look for other causes of leg pain, including Baker’s cysts, tumors, and arterial problems, as indicated.

Ultrasound guided placement of the ClosureFAST catheter:

The catheter enters from the right, having been passed up the saphenous vein from an entry point in the lower leg.  The tip of the catheter is placed 2 cm from the saphenofemoral junction (where the saphenous vein meets the femoral vein)

Devon T. Berthiaume, BS, RDMS, RVT

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