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VeinGogh™ Ohmic Thermolysis

VeinGogh™ uses an electrical technique called ohmic thermolysis to selectively “zap” spider veins using microbursts of high-frequency electrical energy. This causes instant dissolution of the small vessel without damaging the overlying the skin. This works best with smaller blood vessels and may yield superior and faster cosmetic results than sclerotherapy for small spider veins. Often Dr. Artwohl uses a combination of sclerotherapy and VeinGogh™ ohmic thermolysis for the best overall cosmetic results. VeinGogh™ can treat many spider veins of the face, body, and legs.


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Some patients tolerate VeinGogh better after apply a topical anesthetic cream, EMLA (Eutetic Mixture of Local Anesthetics), a 5% emulsion reparation, containing 2.5% each of lidocaine and prilocaine.  You should apply thickly to the areas you want treated about 2 hours before treatment.  Depending on the area, you can apply a Saran wrap or Tegaderm to the area.  For the face, applying a dressing will problematic, so you can apply it without a dressing (like you would zinc oxide).  The video will give you an idea how thick to apply it.

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