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After your Venaseal procedure (adhesive closure of saphenous vein):

• COMPRESSION: Compression is usually not required after Venaseal. However, there are some circumstance that we may recommend that you wear them. If this is so, wear compression stockings continuously for 96 hours, except for brief periods when you need to change them. If you need to change them, lie down to do so to keep pressure off the treated vein. After the 96 hour period, wear them during the day only for another 2 weeks. If you were not prescribed compression stockings, if you find that you have discomfort during activity, you may want to try wearing them for a 2 weeks to prevent “jiggling” of the vein.

• BATHING: you may removed the bandage and shower 12 hours after the procedure. The incision may get wet, but do not rub it directly.

• PAIN & MEDICATIONS: Some inflammation, tenderness, and bruising is common after Venaseal. The glue can sometimes cause a mild irritation in the vein. This discomfort can be alleviated by Tylenol, ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) or naproxen (Aleve). 

• EXERCISE & ACTIVITY: Other than extreme physical exertion, there are no limitations on physical activity after Venaseal. You should walk every day after Venaseal: at least 20 minutes a day. 

• FOLLOW-UP: You will be scheduled for follow-up six weeks after the procedure. If you have more than one procedure, the appointment will be scheduled six weeks after the final procedure). At this visit, you will have a post-procedure ultrasound with Devon and then see Dr. Artwohl. This is a no-fee visit. You should have received an appointment time, but if you do not have one or need to change it, call the office at 907-222-6240.

• CALL THE OFFICE (907-222-6240) IMMEDIATELY FOR: Prolonged tenderness, redness, or warmth along the treated segment, moderate to severe pain preventing a return to normal activities, shortness of breath, swelling in the treated limb, ANY questions or concerns.


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