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Adhesive Closure

(Venaseal Procedure)

Adhesive closure is a procedure similar to the radiofrequency or laser systems, except that instead of using heat energy to seal the vein, it uses an adhesive similar to super glue. The Medtronic corporation manufactures the system used in the United States and has the proprietary name of Venaseal™.  

Studies have shown that adhesive closure is as effective as radiofrequency or laser systems in treating varicose vein disease. 

There are several advantages of the Venaseal system:

1.   only one small injection of local anesthetic is needed.  (With the ClosureFast and laser procedures, multiple injections are needed.)

2.  patients do not need to wear support stockings afterward.

3.  no immediate post-op restrictions on activities.

4.  The glue used in the system, n-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate, is a commonly used medical adhesive that is used in various other applications and is considered safe.  It is often used to seal off other abnormal vessels, like arteriovenous malformations and esophageal varices.   It is also similar to the glue used in some skin glues to seal wounds closed.


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Here are the differences between Venaseal and ClosureFast:

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